//Programmatic Marketing #Slack Group

  • Programmatic Marketing is the future of ad buying and we invite you to create a vivid community of industry experts.
  • We hope that this community will develop a better understanding of the underlying processes and a better communication towards industry outsiders.
  • We have set up channels on DSPs, SSPs, DMPs and many more.
  • We want you to use this community to look for new colleagues, negotiate private deals and share best practices.
  • Join this Slack group to improve the programmatic marketing landscape!

DMP Channel

  • Are you using a data management platform to organize your data? Do you have questions on which DMP to choose? Are you a DMP expert?
  • We think that the DMP topic is one of most dynamic right now.
  • Many new players enter this market and every major DSP is offering an integrated DMP already.

DSP Channel

  • Which DSPs are you relying on? How many of them are you using at the same time? Are you a DSP expert?
  • The DSP is the cornerstone of every buying strategy. The perfect set up of your DSP landscape is hard to find. Share your tactics in this group and learn how to make your business better.

SSP Channel

  • You are working on the sell side of the business? You know everything about header bidding & waterfalls? You are a proud publisher and looking for the best SSP?

DEALS Marketplace

  • We see private deals in programmatic marketing as an important way to stabilize the overall industry processes as well as the individual business outlooks.
  • Private deals enable buyers to make better plans as you know what to get at which price.


  • Looking for a new job? Looking for new colleagues? Find them here!
  • We see the urgency to shape a focused place to find & offer positions in programmatic marketing.
  • We plan to invite recruiting companies into this channel only so make sure to join this channel asap.

Your Channel

  • You have additional topics in mind? You see trending topics which need to be discussed? You want to learn more about XYZ?
  • We plan to enable you to set up your own channels on your favourite topic! Take action in this community and help us to make it engaging.

//Be a Part of Programmatic Marketing on Slack & join today!

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